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Angelic Realm Healing

Choosing you is the greatest gift

Who is Angelic Realm Healing

Michelle Gibson a Hairstylist of 20 plus years in the industry,  who has embarked upon the journey of healing that started with the desire to heal herself.  As a Hairstylist she started the journey and now as a Reiki Master /Teacher she has found a passion, a calling and a desire that has lead her to  become a student in More Than Existing Academy of Higher Consciousness.  Her training includes Healing, Coaching, Angelic And Mediumship.  

Check out the Events page. 

Things are starting to happen. Go to the events page for what is up and coming. It’s becoming an exciting world to be a part of. Don’t miss your chance to be apart of the explosion of light. 

 Usui Traditional Japanese Reiki 

Michelle is accepting new Reiki clients to her practice.  Michelle has been practicing Reiki for 4 years and is happy to continue growing.

If becoming  a Reiki Practitioner interests you start looking for classes ran by Michelle.  

Choosing Services that are right for you.

Sometimes we want all the services and other times we can be a bit skeptical.  If you are ever unsure of what may be best for you, know that you can contact Michelle to see what may be best for you.  

What our customers are saying

I highly recommend the  "Divine Lit Path" reading by Michelle, it was highly informative. 


Michelle's readings are always spot on and helpful to my soul, and in my life.  Her readings always lift me up, help me get out of my "stuck" place.  If you are looking for warm, fuzzy, coddling this is not the place for you.  But if you are looking for and appreciate honesty and are looking for real and authentic from a place of love and compassion, Michelle is definitely your Woman!


If you wish to take a look at your future, see where your path may lead, or you have a particular question to ask I recommend Michelle at Angelic Realm Healing.  You won't be dissapointed, Michelle is very personable and her insight is amazing, let her pull some cards for you, you'll be glad you did!!



The pictures on this website were captured by Megan McNeil.  Oracle cards in photo's are either my very talented friend Corrie Thorne, Alana Fairchild or Radleigh Valentine.  My also very talented friend Linsey Burt has made the very powerful Isis candle which you will see as well.

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