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What is Reiki & Energy work?


Reiki is the transfer of Universal Energy.  Rei meaning Universal and Ki meaning Light.  Michelle practices Usui Traditional Reiki created by Mikao Usui.  Some of the benefits of Reiki are, relaxation, better sleep, and movement of energy.  Treatments can be in person or we can do it through distance Reiki.  We also do classes for you to learn how to do Usui Traditional Japanese Reiki.  

Energy Work

Also known as Mediumship and Psychic work.  

Mediumship is the receiving of messages form the spirit world and psychic work is working with the clients aura as well as their Angels too.


Imagine the Possibilities

You could start today living your best life!

There is nothing to fear...

Fear can be one of the biggest things that gets in our way of life. Reiki and Energy Work can help you to awaken the healer that is already within you!

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