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Personal Services

All Angelic Realm Healing Services are listed below.  

DISCLAIMER:  All information from services are not to replace any doctor, psychiatric or psychological treatment.  All the services listed are for relaxation or entertainment only.  


Reiki Treatment

Treat yourself or someone else to the healing energy of Reiki.  This one hour session will help relax you, move energy around as well as help promote sleep.​ ​ You can receive this treatment in person, or on a Zoom call also known as Distance Reiki.  The choice is yours so now which do you choose?  

$85 + tax


Reiki/Mediumship Treatment

This one and  a half hour treatment will not only relax you, move energy and promote sleep but it will also help you receive messages from your loved ones who have crossed over to the Heavenly Realm.  Options for this treatment are in person or, through a Zoom call appointment.  Shall we connect??

$120 + tax


3 Card Reading

Dive into the past, present and future with this 3 card spread.  See where you may be headed to on your path, with your own free will of course! You can have an in person reading or we can also do this over a Zoom call as well, so when can we get started!!!

$65 + tax


Tarot Card Reading

Check out the Dreamers Journey, that's you the Dreamer!!!  Take the journey of things that are happening, will happen as well as things or people who may be stalling or blocking you.  A journey well worth checking out, so come on!!

$95 + tax


Divine Lit Path Reading

This reading was created by Michelle herself.  During a Full moon meditation it came to her.  Come dive into the past, present and future with a little twist on how those paths went and will go.  More detailed as to what each part of you life has been and could be.  Let's go have some fun and play a little with the cards!!

$95 + tax

To be able to learn so much!

Imagine that you could have a chance to look into your life through another's eyes.  Card readings cna bebemificial as to why things happened in the past, how things are in the present and how you may be able to see what way to be guided to the future.  Through you free wil you can learn the path with the least resistance.  Tell me, are you ready to see your potential?

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